Four Tips to get Quicker IT Support

My Dear end users - helpdesk really do care about you. Like everyone, though there are procedures and policies put in place and that we need to follow and all we ask is to please follow them, as well. We most definitely are not trying to blow you off, we just need you to raise a ticket. It is not pleasant to receive IT support when you catch us in the hallway or on our way to the bathroom. You can literally assist us by raising a ticket, not just any type of ticket of-course, the perfect ticket request with all the details inside of it.

The First Rule: Indeed you must of heard one of support guys always requesting and screaming

"Please raise a ticket."

You caught us whilst making toast and asked about your locked out of your account? "Please raise a ticket."

You emailed us at 8:00am about a printer issue?

"Please raise a ticket."

Walking up to our desk for help setting up emails on your IOS device?

"Please raise a ticket."

Every organization runs their helpdesk differently, but there is of course universal reasons as to why we rely on ticketing systems. For one, we must be able to document all of the issues logged into one centralised system and then to troubleshoot the issue effectively. If an engineer is on their way to help a user who has logged a ticket, it is not fair to stop to help your issue by making the first person who logged the ticket correctly wait.