How to Install Azure Powershell?

This blogs post describes how you can install the Azure PowerShell module. This is a very simple step by step guide and if you are work with Microsoft Azure you may need the PowerShell Modules for automation and some settings which are only available in PowerShell. So let's get started!.


1) Azure PowerShell works with PowerShell 5.1 or higher on Windows. ( If you don't know which version of Powershell you have, run the command below as administrator on your local PC)

- $PSVersionTable.PSVersion

If you don't have Powershell 5.1 or high on windows, you can install it here from Microsoft.

2) You should not install Az side-by-side with AzureRM. Remove all AzureRM modules before installing Az powershell. This is because Powershell 'AZ' is the successor of AzureRM and it is out of date.

Run this command uninstall Azure resource manager if you have it already:

Uninstall-AzureRm -confirm

That's the only requirements for installing Azure powershell.

Install AZ Powershell:

- Install-Module -Name Az -AllowClobber

Update AZ moduel:

- Update-Module -Name Az

When installed, we can start connecting to Azure in Windows PowerShell with the command:

- Connect-AzAccount

That's it!You've install Microsfot Az powershell module.